Cutoff for major changes to 3.0.26 is scheduled for Monday, June 4

tridge at tridge at
Thu May 31 23:16:44 GMT 2007


 > How are people feeling about June 4 as the freeze for
 > major code changes in 3.0.26 ?  3.0.26pre1 is scheduled
 > for JUn 15 give or take a few days.

I have two small sets of patches to go in. One is the tiny patch to
enable disabling of ADS. The other is a patch to re-enable ldb for
group mapping. The ldb patch should also be quite small, as it doesn't
need any updates to the ldb code in the samba3 tree, as Samba3 doesn't
need any of the newer features.

I should get these in by the 4th, but it will be close, as I want to
spend at least a day re-testing the ldb change.

I also plan on making the ldb change configurable. I know we discussed
this previously and thought it wasn't necessary, but I think that
there should be some way of disabling major code path changes like
this. I'd propose that we document the option as one that is expected
to go away in future releases. I hope that's OK.

I also wonder if we should consider using a 'precious' minor release
number at some point? For example, once we consider the clustering
code in Samba3 to be production ready, perhaps it should be called
3.1.0 not 3.0.XX ? :-)

Cheers, Tridge

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