first swipe at ctdb spec file

Jim McDonough jmcd at
Wed May 30 19:43:08 GMT 2007

My first shot at the 3.0.25 samba-ctdb packages are at
I still have to deal with the collateral install files, so this just has the
standard init scripts.  I'll start on that now.  If you could at least
verify that the executables are what you expect, that would be great.
Thanks.  go to packaging/RHEL4-CTDB and run  You'll either need
to add a release tarball's "docs" directory in, or specify the path to one
via the DOCS_DIR variable before calling makerpms (it will move the dummy
docs dir out of the way, symlink yours in, build a tarball for the rpmbuild
process, then move it all back at the end).

Jim McDonough
Samba Team
jmcd at samba dot org

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