Should SWAT offer a way to login on systems with root access disabled?

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Tue May 29 18:35:52 GMT 2007

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Christian Perrier wrote:

> This was initially sent as bug #4663 but Jerry suggested 
> I bring this to -technical so that it can be discussed with
> a wider audience:
> On Debian systems since the release of Etch and on Ubuntu 
> systems for a while, the root account may be disabled. In such
> case, the first created user is generally added to sudoers.
> However, SWAT insists on login in with the root account 
> and the root account Unix password.
> Would it be possible to offer an alternative login method 
> for users of such setups?

My initial thought is that we could either doa check
against a user right (in the NT token) or a simple
gid check (including a "swat admins" global smb.conf paramter).
I think the latter is a better solution since it doesn't
require a running smbd to begin with.

cheers, jerry
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