comment doesn't match code

Jeremy Allison jra at
Fri May 25 19:07:52 GMT 2007

On Mon, May 21, 2007 at 10:42:01AM -0700, Herb Lewis wrote:
> in smbd/open.c in the function open_file_ntcreate we have the
> following comment and code which contradict.
>         /* note that we ignore failure for the following. It is
>            basically a hack for NFS, and NFS will never set one of
>            these only read them. Nobody but Samba can ever set a deny
>            mode and we have already checked our more authoritative
>            locking database for permission to set this deny mode. If
>            the kernel refuses the operations then the kernel is wrong.
>            note that GPFS supports it as well - jmcd */
>         ret_flock = SMB_VFS_KERNEL_FLOCK(fsp, fsp->fh->fd, share_access);
>         if(ret_flock == -1 ){
>                 TALLOC_FREE(lck);
>                 fd_close(conn, fsp);
>                 file_free(fsp);
>                 return NT_STATUS_SHARING_VIOLATION;
>         }

But if you look at the implementation it goes...

static int vfswrap_kernel_flock(vfs_handle_struct *handle, files_struct *fsp, int fd,
                                uint32 share_mode)
        kernel_flock(fd, share_mode);
        return 0;

always returns ok :-). Confusing comment - needs to be moved
to modules/vfs_default.c I think.

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