New snapshot of patched 3.0.24 posted

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Fri May 18 18:26:23 GMT 2007

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I've posted an updated version of my 3.0.24-gc dev branch
to deal with the break in "force group" caused by the
CVE-2007-2444 patch and backported the Vista related bug
fixes from the Samba patches page.

The bzr branch is hosted at

The source tarball is available from

The Fedora Core 6 RPMS have been uploaded to

This is it *not* an official release from and therefore
has been signed with my GPG private key (ID D83511F6). If you don't
want to make the jump to 3.0.25 just yet, this 3.0.24 based snapshot
might be just for you.

cheers, jerry
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Changes in 3.0.24-gc-2:
- -----------------------

* Backport force group fix after applying patch for CVE-2007-2444
* Apply several VIsta related fixes for 3.0.24 from Samba patches
  o security = share and NTLMv2
  o Vista Point-n-Print
  o BUG 4361 - Fix failure when using the Vista backup utility.
  o BUG 4093 - Fix expansion of the %a smb.conf variable for
    Vista clients.
  o BUG 4356 - Fix MS-DFS referrals with Windows Vista clients.
  o BUG 4188 - Fix for Vista failing to delete directories on a
    Samba share.

Changes in 3.0.24-gc-1:
- -----------------------

* Merged patches for CVE-2007-2444, CVE-2007-2446, and CVE-2007-2447
  (More information available at

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