Patch for Invalid loader fixup error on gwen (hp-ux 11.11) in the build farm...

McCall, Don (GSE-WTEC-Alpharetta) don.mccall at
Fri May 18 01:32:07 GMT 2007

Hi Folks,
Jerry, thanks for fixing the ldap undef for the HP-UX builds!

Now I'm trying to track down a build error on gwen in the buildfarm
(hpux 11.11):
/usr/ccs/bin/ld: Invalid loader fixup in text space needed in output
file for symbol "unixinfo_authservice_strings" in input file
make: *** [bin/] Error 1

This does not occur on hpisgr8 (hpux 11.23).  The problem stems from
differences in the default for 
how the compiler determines what constants and literals get put in the
readonly data section.  In 11.23, the compiler is smarter, and defaults

All string literals appearing in a context where 
const char * is legal, and all const-qualified 
variables that do not require load-time or run-time 
initialization will be placed in the read-only data section.

On 11.11, the default (which generated the invalid loader fixup error
later) is: 

 All const-qualified objects and literals are
 stored in the read-only data section.  This
 is valid when const char * is legal, and for
 const-qualified variables that do not require
 load-time initialization. Literals that have
 been placed in read-only memory cannot be
 modified at run-time.

The attached patch to modifies the PICFLAG for HP-UX IA32
systems to be +z +Esnolit  (instead of just +z).  I've tested this on
gwen, and it allows the build to complete, so we can move on to the next
thing ;-)

Jeremy, could you possibly take a look at this and commit it if it meets
your approval?
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