SMB2 connection is not possible to Vista with smbclient of Samba 4.0.0TP4

rokino rockinon at
Thu May 17 14:04:55 GMT 2007


I'm running RHEL5+Samba4.0.0TP4, and I'm having a problem with  

SMB2 connection is not possible to Vista Business with smbclient of  
Samba 4.0.0TP4.

I was connected to Vista by the following commands.
 >smbclient -U username //machinename/sharename -m SMB2

protocol of SMB2 was added by 4.0.0 system,
I chose it, but not found SMB 2.001 packet.

Because there are not SMB 2.001,
Vista chooses SMB1 and communicates.

As for smbclient, cannot SMB2 communicate?
Please please teach it.

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