Problems with dfs and Samba 3.0.24-5/3.0.25-7 - please help

Jeff Coffler jeff-list-sambatech at
Thu May 17 02:59:37 GMT 2007

Jeremy Allison wrote:
> Ah - this explains a lot. The default for the "msdfs root"
> parameter changed between 3.0.24 from True to False.
> Has this client been restarted since the new Samba
> load was added and restarted ?
> If not - try rebooting the client. The clients remember
> if a server was a dfs root and act accordingly until a
> restart.
> The decision was made to change "msdfs root = no"
> due to problems detecting that the initial name given in
> a dfs root path belonged to this server (as I recall).

Yes, eureka!  That was it!  Thank you so much!!!  I've bashed my head 
against the wall, on and off, due to this problem.

My client is rarely rebooted.  It's pretty much rebooted on Patch 
Tuesday from Microsoft, or when I install something that requires a 
reboot.  Otherwise, it just runs.

I have several clients, and they were both ill after the Samba upgrade.  
I noted the following:

Client A is rebooted (shares not mounted).  Mount the shares, they just 

Client B, which has the shares mounted 24x7 (and mounted at the time of 
the reboot), is rebooted.  Upon reboot, it gave a pretty bizarre error 
when I tried to access one of the Samba shares.  Delete the share (net 
use l: /d), then remount it.  Now the share is fine.

So, the correct recovery case here is:

1) If the share is mounted, dismount it.
2) Reboot
3) Mount the shares, and you should be fine  If you forget #1 above, 
then I was fine deleting the share and remounting without a further reboot.

Again, thank you so much for your help, Jeremy!  I really appreciate it!

    -- Jeff

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