3.0.25 cups printer location string sync

Martin Zielinski mz at seh.de
Tue May 15 12:40:39 GMT 2007

Hello all!

I still don't like the way how the printer location string is grabbed 
from cups in get_a_printer_2() and get_a_printer_2_default() functions.

The reason is, if the comment or location is empty, then samba will
allways ask cups. This can happen *very* frequently when clients are 
connected to printer shares.

Another point is, that in get_printer_2_default() the comment string is 
allways empty. So the if-clause is unnecessary.

The cups-calls might not be such a big problem on large servers, but 
nonetheless it's a slow-down by design (if I havn't overlooked something 

I'd suggest to add the location to the service structure and the 
pcap_cache structure. Then the location can be loaded at startup just 
like the comment string (not overwriting the tdb-value if set).

2ndly, in this case the user cannot update the string from the server 
(linux or so) side. So I would suggest to expand the rpcclient 
"setprinter" call (setprinter printername comment [location]).

I'm not sure about the next thing, but if I update the printer comment 
and/or location string and do an AD search for printers afterwards, the 
new strings are not visible in the result. I don't know, if there are 
timeouts or sync intervals. If not, the printer should be "republished" 
after the changes have been made.

If anyone is interested, I could provide a patch against 3.0.25.

Best regards,


Martin Zielinski             mz at seh.de
Software Development
SEH Computertechnik GmbH     www.seh.de

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