VFS module handling ACL on ZFS

Jiri Sasek - RPE Prague Jiri.Sasek at Sun.COM
Sat May 12 18:00:15 GMT 2007

>> Thanks... Let me explain a little bit please: I tried to find some 
>> ACL-skilled people who can help me to test this VFS-module first. I had 
>> already discussed with Jeremy about we will release this module in 
>> opensolaris (for me it appears as the Nevada - development branch of 
>> Solaris 11 - which is periodically released [sources] as open solaris) 
>> to ensure more testing than this module will be adopted into the samba 
>> tree. But currently I am trying tho short the period of waiting for the 
>> 3.0.25 release because I am also asked to give this module out for testing.
> Do you want me to check it in now, or do you want to wait?
The best for me could be if somebody more ZFS/ACL-experienced of me (10 
from 10 :-) ) will check it andsend me a feedback what is wrong. I have 
only tested the "clicking in WinXP" will retrieve the same ACE as I set 
before. I have also checked the "ls -V" lists "expectable" (more or 
less) results but there are some details I need to discuss it with 
somebody experienced....  ...for instance the OWNER@,GROUP@,... default 
ACE's behavior. Currently it looks these default ACEs are striped and it 
does not have any impact on the WinXP behavior but the POSIX permissions 
mask (obtained by "ls -l") seems to be lost on ZFS.

> How confident are you that it works?
I need more somebody to peer my observations to check the correctness of 
the behavior of this module.

> It won't make it into 3.0.25, but this is so simple and not
> compiled by default that I'd rather check it in sooner than
> later.
Also me ...and Jeremy too. I want to test this code first out of the 
samba tree than it can be adopted. We will release it in OpenSolaris 
than it will be adopted in 3.0.26 (or 3.0.25b?) this is up to you and 
the samba.org team opinion.


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