Flushed pending centeris patch queue

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Sun May 6 22:37:18 GMT 2007

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Hey guys,

I've pushed out all my pending patches for winbindd except:

(a) security = ads & machine password change in winbindd
(b) username map support for winbindd

Since these might possibly require some discussion and general
agreement, I'll post patches to the list here.

The major merges are

1.  Maintaining the full trust topology (including transitive
    trusts).  These should be accessed by child processes
    using the wcache_tdc_xxx() functions.

2.  Support for one-way trusts

3.  Working offline logons with remote idmap backends

4.  Updated set_dc_and_flags() functionality based on trust
    information from our primary domain.  This means we
    should be able to avoid contacting remote domains
    (inside our forest).

There's other minor fixes.  I tried to break the commits
up into manage chunks (about 30 I think).

All of this is working in my local tree but I'll spend a good
bit of time testing tomorrow and make sure I haven't introduced
any regressions.  Might take a day or so to stabilize.

cheers, jerry
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