Bug #3024 still trivial, still applies, still not in svn :-(

Kaya Bekiroğlu kaya.bekiroglu at isilon.com
Wed May 2 18:33:03 GMT 2007

I independently fixed this for Isilon.  Our patches are essentially the same.  I added an additional fix for an incorrect usage of sam_entry_index in a DEBUG().  Using a while(1) is not correct as we could then overrun user_list.  We need a proper termination condition.


@@ -672,3 +696,9 @@ void winbindd_getpwent(struct winbindd_c
-       for (i = 0; i < num_users; i++) {
+       /*
+        * samba.org's for loop is broken for large domains, because if
+        * winbindd_fill_pwent() fails, it will still count that iteration as
+        * one of the num_users.  This while condition will ensure that all
+        * num_users have been enumerated.
+        */
+       while (user_list_ndx < num_users) {
                struct getpwent_user *name_list = NULL;
@@ -713,6 +743,5 @@ void winbindd_getpwent(struct winbindd_c
+                       name_list[ent->sam_entry_index].email,
-               ent->sam_entry_index++;
                /* Add user to return list */
@@ -729,2 +758,9 @@ void winbindd_getpwent(struct winbindd_c
+               ent->sam_entry_index++;

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I just tested 3.0.25rc3 and found out, that bug #3024 is still in. Moreover, 
the proposed patch still applies and it still fixes the bug. I'm getting a 
little desperate on this. What's the problem? I'd do anything I can to get it 

Cheers, Johann

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