initial test version of CTDB clustered Samba available

tridge at tridge at
Wed May 2 17:49:35 GMT 2007


 > Some one have tested this in a GFS 6.1 + SAN?

I haven't heard of anyone testing with GFS yet, but I would really
like to hear of any results.

 > We can perform some test, but I have some concern about dlm locking and 
 > the fcntl range locking: I don't know if these works together.

The Samba/CTDB code has its own built-in dlm used for the distributed
databased in clustered Samba. For user data, you can enable/disable
posix fcntl locking calls using the usual Samba method of setting
"posix locking = yes/no". 

So it doesn't matter what distributed locking system GFS uses.

 > Is it possible use a load balance hardware for distribute load
 > among nodes?

yes, and it's probably a very good idea. The basic Samba/CTDB setup
presents a system that looks very much like a single multi-homed
box. If you want it to appear as a single IP address then a load
balancing switch would be ideal. We haven't tested with that setup
yet, but it should work very well. Please let us know how it goes.

Cheers, Tridge

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