winbindd 32/64 offset issues

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Wed Jun 27 19:17:28 GMT 2007

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Jim McDonough wrote:
> Jerry,
> Despite your comments about testing with 32bit libs on 64bit platforms
> in the winbindd_request struct in winbindd_nss.h, it seems we're out of
> sync, and the following comment may be part of the issue:
> nsswitch/winbindd_nss.h:40
> -------
> /* Have to deal with time_t being 4 or 8 bytes due to structure alignment.
>    On a 64bit Linux box, we have to support a constant structure size
>    between /lib/ and /li64/
>    The easiest way to do this is to always use 8byte values for time_t. */
> ------
> I can say that I've recently found this to not be true.  
> The only solution I found was the old method that hasn't been updated in
> the code in a while...the padding member of the huge data union needs to
> be set to that 8-byte boundary, ...

> Or we could just start up that marshalling discussion again :-)

We have to do the marshalling to maintain this long term.

> In any case, before I check anything in, can someone run 
> any quick tests of your various binaries on 64-bit platforms
> using 32-bit winbind libs?

The test is simple.  Do one build normally and then build wbinfo
from a second tree using -m32 and all the various calls from
the 32bit client should work against the 64bit winbindd.

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