Love Hörnquist Åstrand lha at
Mon Jun 18 03:19:53 GMT 2007

>> That is just fine, when flying home I though I could port the old  
>> code
>> but never enable it in the core distribution and have you add the
>> RAND_method if you wanted that stuff.
>> What random source does samba4 use for crypto keys ?
> Without privileges, it boils down to time and pid, and then it is  
> pushed
> out via RC4...

The old code in libdes uses diffrences in timing rom realtime clock  
as random source.

If you think you have good random, please call RAND_add() with at  
least 128 bytes as input. The the internal random generator will be  
happy if we are forced to use it.

I'll re-add the old stuff and check the results from it.


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