netlogon failure detection on samba-3.0.25a

boyang at
Fri Jun 8 03:56:50 GMT 2007

problem: samba as domain member, and there are several NT4-style DCs, if
netlogon service on PDC is disabled, domain users cannot login.

proposed solution:
1. add get_all_rpc_dc_name in source/libsmb/namequery_dc.c to get all
NT4-style DCs whose node status response is NT_STAUS_OK. waste node
status query RTTs. in source/auth/auth_domain.c:check_ntdomain_security,
walk on the DCs' list and try to logon, if return is
NT_STATUS_NETLOGON_NOT_STARTED, try next until failure or success.
2. before call rpc_dc_name, pass the dcname & dcip
that client try to logon, but failed with
search the domain DCs' list from position after that dcname, and returns
one DC whose node status response is ok.

doest it make sense?

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