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Michael Adam ma at
Wed Jun 6 10:52:01 GMT 2007

Hi Jerry,

On Mon, Jun 04, 2007 at 10:04:51AM -0500, Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
> Bjoern Jacke wrote:
> > Winbind however is part of Samba's core and thus 
> > all Winbind options that can be put into smb.conf
> > should be listed there.
> Then why have a winbindd(8) man page at all ?  For that matter,
> why is the "rpc only" parameter a parameteric option in the first
> place?  Let's just make it a full fledged parameter and be done
> with it.

Agreed! I was not aware of the nature of the "parametric" options. 
(I am not sure whether I really know yet what it's all about.) But
under these aspects, the options should probably not be parametric. 

To my taste, the winbind related options belong into the manpage
since they belong a core component of samba, as Bjoern stated,
and they belong to the winbindd manpage, since this manpage
for the samba component exists. And it has right to exist, because 
it is also useful to have the winbind-related options
concentrated in one place, too. An alternative would be to 
have a separate winbind.conf (say). Then these options could
be removed from smb.conf(5). :-)

Cheers, Michael

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