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Wed Jun 6 03:32:32 GMT 2007

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tridge at wrote:
> Jerry,
>  > I don't want to start any flame wars on style so this is
>  > all I will say on the subject, but IMO all of your points 
>  > imply that autogenerated headers are better because they
>  > support bad programming habits.
> I see it as preventing programmer mistakes. If we had tools 
> to catch those mistakes, then the situation would be different.

I know.  There are valid points on both sides.  But it's the
lessons that hurt the most that we remember.  The current in Samba has led to bad programming habits and
monolithic code.  I doubt either one of us would disagree
on that.  Perhaps SAMBA_4_0 has the right model
but I will have to convince myself of that for myself
(as I mentioned to Simo).

wrt to, I don't really see what this has to
do with autogenerated vs. hand written headers.  That tool
is useful regardless.  Headers are designed to export
an API.  That is why there are public and private headers.
I'm mainly only concerned with the public headers (between
systems or modules).

But you've already drawn one more email out of me that I
intended to contribute.  Very tricksy you are *Gollum*
*Gollum*  :-)

cheers, jerry
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