[PATCH 2/2] Remove support for automatically generated prototype headers.

James Peach jpeach at samba.org
Tue Jun 5 19:55:32 GMT 2007

On 05/06/2007, at 12:49 PM, Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:

> Hash: SHA1
> James Peach wrote:
>> On 05/06/2007, at 12:32 PM, James Peach wrote:
>>> as per subject.
>> Patch 1/2 is being help for moderation, but it's
>> just the checking of a snapshot of the proto headers.
> Ah...ok.  Released from the moderator queue now.
>> As you can see, I wasn't planning on anything
>> sophisticated here. The main (only?) issue is to
>> establish a consensus on whether generated headers
>> are wanted or not.
> +1 from me.  Are you still planning on working on this
> in SAMBA_3_0 ?

The only thing left to do is the 99% that is breaking the proto  
headers into sensible chunks. That's something that pretty open-ended.

>   Or using a bzr tree based on SAMBA_3_0.bzr?

I'm not planning on doing anything else until there is agreement on  
whether or not we want generated headers.

James Peach | jpeach at samba.org

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