idle_timeout processing in the parent smbd?

tridge at tridge at
Mon Jun 4 22:24:06 GMT 2007


 > I'd argue that it's an actual saving of resources (for some use  
 > cases). smbd is 6MB on my system, nmbd is 2MB and winbindd is 4MB. So  
 > running these cost ~12MB of some combination of swap space and  
 > physical memory.

I think you'll find it you look at /proc/PID/map that nearly all of
this is read-only mmap of libraries and the main binary. Those bits
cost you nothing.

I also think you'll find that once you start doing things like rpc
over tcp that trying to manage your ports via an external daemon
becomes a nightmare. That's why Samba4 doesn't support inetd.

Cheers, Tridge

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