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simo idra at
Mon Jun 4 18:07:36 GMT 2007

On Mon, 2007-06-04 at 09:03 -0700, James Peach wrote:

> No, the real problem is the internal interfaces.
> For example, in kerberos_verify,c, there is a call to  
> "name_to_fqdn(my_fqdn, global_myname())".
> If the host has a DNS configuration that includes a conventional  
> search path, this works. If it works, it does exactly the same thing  
> as get_mydnsfullname(). In fact, there are no uses of name_to_fqdn()  
> that cannot be replaced by get_mydnsfullname(). AFAICT, name_to_fqdn()  
> exists only because someone was not able to find get_mydnsfullname().

AFAICS they are different enough that if you swap them I expect some
code will stop to work properly.
That said I guess you can merge them and make sure callers use them the
right way.

> If I have a decent header file, I can see the full interface in a  
> single screen, along with comments, macros and typedefs. I don't think  
> the argument about the extra typing involved in changing headers by  
> hand is very strong, since the code needs to be read and understood  
> thousands more times than it needs to be written.

I am not sure the duplication is because we missed a full header file
for util.h, but maybe it is just me.


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