cross compiling to MIPS..Finished and working

Luther138 barrowsr at
Wed Jul 25 17:54:30 GMT 2007

So I finally got this working thanks to James Peach for all his help.  I
figured I would give a quick run down of what I did in case anyone else was
going to try to cross-compile samba for a mips based chip.  So that you know
I am working with mipsel, uClibc, and the 3.0.25b stable release of samba. 
Keep in mind this was made just for simple file sharing between a XP machine
and a mips board with a hard drive.  It took me awhile to get this going but
that is mainly because when I started I didn't really know anything about
mips or cross-compiling.
First of all I had to make the following two changes to the files
destributed with the 3.0.25b release:
1. I had to change the file (see attached,
this was pointed out to me by James
2. I had to change the source/modules/vfs_default.c file (see attached
vfs_default.c), also thanks to James
3. I put my own makefile in the base dir (the dir above /source) and would
use it to invoke the Makefile in /source
    ( I have attached this as makefile), note that in the makefile the
$(ROMFSINST) is a script I have that copies things out of the samba dir and
puts them into my image that I will be loading onto my mips machine.  Also
the reason I have everything going to the /var/smb directory is in the case
I am using a read only file system.  In my case for read only file system
the /var is on the RAM of the board so I can still RW those files.
(In reality this makefile wont work for me because I actually need to put
all of the samba file I want into my read only image then at boot time have
init.d move them to the newly created /var. but I put it up as an example)

But it works now.  And I am sure I did plenty wrong and there are better
ways to do this and that.  but I was trying to get it to the point where I
could add in just my one makefile and my smb.conf and be done with it. 
Obvioulsy due to a couple of bugs this wasn't possible but I was still
pretty close.  If any one has any tips or better suggestions on anything,
feel free to reply, I would love to keep learning.  Thanks again James for
your help.
-Robb vfs_default.c.patch makefile smb.conf 
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