[CTDB and GFS] test: OK

Ignacio Coupeau icoupeau at unav.es
Fri Jul 20 08:09:20 GMT 2007

After a bit of tunning of the ServerIron ports profile:

Port	Protocol    Keep Alive	Interval    Retry	
139	TCP         Yes         3           1	
445	TCP         Yes         3           1

The load balance (I tested round robin and least connections) goes very, 
very fine. I use just now round robin.

Also, the smbtorture yields pretty well in an RH5 with gfs2:
RAW-BENCH-LOCK --num-progs=32 -t60

ext3: ~ 6950 ops
GFS:  ~ 5620 ops

Note1: the gfs2 in the RH5 is a bit unstable with ping_pong tests.
Note2: the gfs1 in the RH4U4 is a a bit more slow but as a rock.

Thanks to all for the support,

PS: We have plans to test the CTDB over vmware.

Dr. Ignacio Coupeau
Systems and Network Services Director
IT Services
University of Navarra           http://www.unav.edu/
Pamplona, SPAIN                 http://www.unav.es/SI/

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