Trouble authenticating with OfficeJet CIFS client

Christopher R. Hertel crh at
Fri Jul 20 01:48:05 GMT 2007

Bob Richmond wrote:
> Is there a performance or resource consumption ramification in not
> deferring the allocation of the real vuid until after the authentication
> succeeds? I imagine the rationale behind the current behavior is to
> prevent unauthenticated clients from being able to get the server to
> keep allocating uids (and associated state data) that aren't going to be
> attached to active sessions. Is it legal after a failed authentication
> to return the same uid to a new authentication attempt? Or does it have
> to be a new id every time an attempt is made?
> I'm intrigued. :)

Jeremy (or someone vaguely like him, if there is such a thing) would need to
answer the performance and resource questions.  As for the [v]UIDs, they are
per connection.  Theoretically, if you and I each have separate connections
to the same server we could have the same UIDs in use.  They can be the same
because they exist in separate contexts.

How that is actually done is, of course, implementation specific.

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