Propagating file locks across network

Dominick Layfield dom.layfield at
Wed Jul 11 21:53:14 GMT 2007

simo wrote:
> This means your search engine is broken. :-)
> Members of the Samba Team are working on a project called CTDB, which is
> "the right and only scalable way" to cluster CIFS servers.
> Search for "samba ctdb" on your preferred search engine and you fill
> find plenty of info.

Ooops.  I think you're right!  :-(

I was using the Google groups service, which is linked off the page:
"Inportant: Currently the Samba mailing list archives hosted here on 
do not support searching.  However, you can access a searchable copy of the 
archives at,, and"

However, it appears that something broke the Google archiving service in July 
2005.  At that point, the traffic appears to have abruptly dropped from several 
hundred messages per month to just one or two (presumably messages posted 
through Google groups).

Check this out to see what I mean:

Anyway, I'll go find a search engine that works (from a legitimate enterprise, 
not some flaky start-up like Google! :-D ), and will search for "samba ctdb".

Thanks for the tip, and my apologies for spamming this list...

-- Dominick

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