winbindd - binding SIDs to UIDs

Vladimir Goncharov viruzzz at
Fri Jul 6 05:03:08 GMT 2007


I try to integrate Samba server to Apple OpenDirectory. In OpenDirectory LDAP doesn't contain any passwords in user account and I need to bidirectional password synchronization (Samba<->MacOS). I bring Apple's Samba as PDC and bind my samba to him (with winbind) and it's work. But I also need NFS server on this server and, for this I configure nss_ldap. NFS and SMB works separately fine. But if I want to share any resource with Samba and NFS simultaneously i got trouble with UIDs, because winbind assign UIDs for samba dynamically, but NFS uses statically UIDs from LDAP. I want path winbind to get [UG]IDs from system getpwnam and getgrnam. Can anybody help me to locate the place in sources where to start patching?

sorry for my english.

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