smbtree patch - adds option to print out share type

Jeremy Allison jra at
Thu Jul 5 17:12:21 GMT 2007

On Thu, Jul 05, 2007 at 05:15:46PM +0100, Seb James wrote:
> Hi list,
> I've made a small patch for smbtree. With this patch (made against
> smbtree.c from Samba release 3.0.24) you can pass the option -H or
> --sharetype and then the output from smbtree might look like this:
> seb:/usr/src/samba-3.0.24/source$ ./bin/smbtree -b -N --sharetype
>         \\MORPHEUS
>                 \\MORPHEUS\WELP                 Disk            The ELP folder
>                 \\MORPHEUS\C$                   Disk (admin)    Default share
>                 \\MORPHEUS\ADMIN$               Disk (admin)    Remote Admin
>                 \\MORPHEUS\   Disk            This is a test share from MS Windows 2000
>                 \\MORPHEUS\HPLaserJ             Print           HP1320 on Sebs Desk, shared via Win2K Machine
>                 \\MORPHEUS\lj202                Disk            A random driver folder
>                 \\MORPHEUS\print$               Disk            Printer Drivers
>                 \\MORPHEUS\IPC$                 IPC (admin)     Remote IPC
> With the additional column in the middle showing whether the share is a
> Disk, Print or IPC share.
> The patch is available here:
> with best regards,
> Seb James
> Embedded Software Foundry Ltd.
> Tel: +44 (0)845 4580277
> Sheffield, UK.

Hi Seb,

	Could you post this patch to the list please ? It's much easier
for us to pick up patches that have been publicly posted.



PS. I'll be in Sheffield late July - where abouts are you ?

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