[patch] hide libsmbclient's private symbols

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Tue Jul 3 16:04:10 GMT 2007

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Derrell Lipman wrote:
> Jerry,
> For some reason I don't have the original message in this thread.
> Either I never received it, or it got marked as spam and has since
> been deleted.  Thanks for pointing me to this!
> I've reviewed the public interface to libsmbclient and I don't notice
> any exceptions to the general rule of smbc_* symbols are public and
> all others are local.  The public header file defines a number of
> structures with different names, but that'll be included by
> applications so they'll have what they need.
> I've never used the loader features for specifying which are public
> symbols and which are not, but assuming it works as claimed, the patch
> certainly gets a +1 from me.

If no one else objects then,  I'll push the latest revision
of the patch in tonight.  Thanks Julien.  We've needed to
do this for a while.

cheers, jerry
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