Samba4 MMC Write Support

Matt Schwartz mes5048 at
Sun Jul 1 22:15:33 GMT 2007

Hello,  I successfully got MMC write support working with Samba4.  
However, when I try to create a new user I get a Global Catalog error.  
This is probably because this feature hasn't been implemented.  Am I 
correct?  Also, I understand that gpedit.msc works now.  However, I have 
no luck being able to use it.  I get a permissions error.  Here is my 
smb.conf with the share definitions.  Please help me so that I can 
continue to test.  Thanks.

path = /usr/local/samba/netlogon
read only = no

path = /usr/local/samba/private
read only = no

When I try to launch the editor, I get the following message: "Failed to 
Open the Group Policy Object.  You may not have the apropriate rights.  
Details: The System cannot find the specified path."  I also notice that 
when launching the editor from AD Users and Groups only the edit and 
properties buttons are available to me.

Thanks much,

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