memdup function

seanmkim at seanmkim at
Wed Jan 31 23:32:10 GMT 2007

 I was wondering why "SMBmemdup" changed to "memdup". I remember it used to "SMBmemdup"
 in earlier versions.
 The reason why I bring up this issue is some of other open source libraries have their own versions of
 "memdup" as well and you may encounter weird behaviors at runtime which is very difficult to figure out
 and wonder what the heck is going on if you choose to build dynamically linked library rather than
 static library 'cause the program may execute this function loaded from the wrong library, and yes,
 I had to go through this trouble. :(
 Can we change it back to "SMBmemdup" please?
 Sean(a.k.a. Minsung) Kim 
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