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Wed Jan 31 14:29:17 GMT 2007

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> That is the bit that worries me about this 
> normalisation.  I did a lot of work at the time we
> added 'winbind use default domain' to avoid going
> back and forward, but we know how that ended up...

Please look at the patch.  We are basically only
translating prior to calling name2sid() and sid2name().
So "Space Kadet" and "Space_Kadet" resolve to the
same SID.  Since the idmapping is done via SID
everything else works out (with a few exceptions).

winbind use default domain was a convenience function.
This is not.  See comments below.

> Are we going to normalise for case too, and will 
> we only accept the normalised names on various inputs
> (and which inputs will they be?).

We already normalize the case.  We have to forthings
like home directory paths.

> If not (and we accept both), do we not provide further 
> confusion?

Allow me to clarify a bit.  Gnome cannot deal with usernames
or directory paths with spaces in them.  The new parameter
is not enabled by default so no change.  You only need
to enable it if your domain has usernames containing
whitespace (a bad idea anyways but people do it).

For the record, I'm not proud of this.  But it has to
be done.  I would rather push it upstream than keep it locally
in the Centeris tree.  But I can easily maintain it as
a local patch.

cheers, jerry
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