dealing with usernames containing whitespace

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Tue Jan 30 21:37:09 GMT 2007

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> I think we need something to "fix" the problem, but I am 
> not sure why you need something configurable, wouldn't
> it be less  prone to misuse

How is this option prone to misuse?  Using ambigous
characters such as '\' ? :-)  I'll agree with that.

> to have a parameter named something like:
>  winbind normalize names = yes/no
> This parameter always lower cases names and 
> substitutes  spaces with underscores* ?

I considered that and started to reply that I think
the flexibility is warranted given that valid characters in
an account name is site policy.  But then thinking about
characters we would have to black list, I'm ok with
hardcoding an '_' character to replace spaces (at least
at first).

> I like flexibility, but I don't like that much 
> the winbind separator thing for example, where some
> users use \ others + and others even more
> strange ones, it gives us for more confusion than 
> flexibility IMO.

No one has ever loudly complained about that.  But
I agree people should just learn to deal with the '\'
character as the separator.  I don't really see this
as a source of confusion though.  Just my opinion.

cheers, jerry
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