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Herb Lewis hlewis at
Fri Jan 26 02:16:43 GMT 2007

I found the bug 1261 which talked about the problem. There were
2 solutions 1. reorder the search and 2. remove libbiconv. It
looks like you decided on solution 2. Our FreeBSD system use biconv
and I have no problem with the current configure tests

checking can we convert from CP850 to UCS2-LE?... CP850
checking can we convert from ASCII to UCS2-LE?... ASCII
checking can we convert from UTF-8 to UCS2-LE?... UTF-8

Do you remember anything that isn't in the bug that would
explain why you removed support instead of just reordering?

Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
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> Herb Lewis wrote:
>>Somewhere between versions 3.0.8 and latest samba support was
>>removed from aclocal.m4 for detecting iconv support in biconv
>>as well as giconv. Was there a particular reason for this?
>>The removal was not complete as there are still refernces
>>to HAVE_BICONV but the supporting functions to detect it
>>are gone.
> There was an open bug on it IIRC.  Search bugzilla I think.
> cheers, jerry
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