Samba 3.0 - Bug preventing mkfifo as non-root

Jeremy Allison jra at
Sun Jan 21 22:33:05 GMT 2007

On Sun, Jan 21, 2007 at 10:11:14PM +0000, Anders Karlsson wrote:
> True. It fails on the same spot if I do 'cd /mnt/test ; mkfifo foo' in
> case that helps anything.
> > This is a client bug of some kind - one I'm not
> > seeing in the latest CIFSFS client code.
> So somewhere between 3.0.23d and HEAD there is a fix for this? If the
> fix happened in the client between those points, it narrows down
> considerably the code I'll need to look through to understand the fix.

No, you misunderstand. The server code hasn't changed here
for quite some time - it's certainly the same here in 3.0.23d.

Your *client* is the problem.


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