Patch: Finnish translation for SWAT

Lauri Nurmi lanurmi at
Fri Jan 12 17:52:50 GMT 2007

Hello all,

As I mentioned on #samba-technical, I would like to contribute a Finnish
translation for SWAT.  Due to its length and potential character set
issues I will not post it here, instead it is available at

Also, since packaging/Solaris/ seems to be referring to
the .msg files, it probably should be patched; 

Index: Solaris/
--- Solaris/	(revision 20709)
+++ Solaris/	(working copy)
@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@
 SBINPROGS="smbd nmbd winbindd swat"
 BINPROGS="findsmb nmblookup eventlogadm pdbedit rpcclient smbclient smbcquotas smbspool smbtar tdbbackup testparm wbinfo net ntlm_auth profiles smbcacls smbcontrol smbpasswd smbstatus smbtree tdbdump"
-MSGFILES="de.msg en.msg fr.msg it.msg ja.msg nl.msg pl.msg tr.msg"
+MSGFILES="de.msg en.msg fi.msg fr.msg it.msg ja.msg nl.msg pl.msg tr.msg"
 DATFILES="lowcase.dat upcase.dat valid.dat"

Patch also available at <>.

(Mr) Lauri Nurmi

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