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Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Tue Feb 27 22:10:29 GMT 2007

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> Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
>> This is linux right ?  It's text so should be shared 
>> among processes.
> Sorry, I don't understand your answer and why it is 
> now (3.0.25) necessary to have a smbd with 474520 bytes
> more as in 3.0.24 without more functionality for my case.

A larger binary does not necessarily equate to more
memory per process.  In copy-on-write the client can
share pages in memory which are the same as the parent
until they are actually modified by the child.

> Do you sometimes think about embedded systems or 
> older hardware? They are low on memory (disc and ram).
> How can I get rid of librpc (if librpc is really the 
> thing which is blowing up smbd so much)?

We are transitioning to auto-generated RPC marshalling code.
In the 3.0.25 release this will consist of only the \wkssvc
pipe since it is relatively minor but noticeable if something
breaks.  This gives us a chance to perform more QA
on the basic libndr layer which handles the basic datatype.

So either (a) we can continue to code each RPC parsing
routing by hand, or (b) we can start transitioning
to an IDL based approach which is what has been done
in the SAMBA_4_0 branch.

So to say that you aren't getting anything is untrue.
Once the transition is done, we will be able to drop
the entire rpc_parse/ and rpc_client/ directories
as well as the server stubs from rpc_server/.

cheers, jerry
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