3.0.25 svn rev. 21532

Thomas Bork tombork at web.de
Tue Feb 27 20:50:14 GMT 2007

Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:

>> Do I need librpc? Can I build without it? Every 
>> connection is forking a new smbd, I'm worried
>> about the memory consumption.
> This is linux right ?  It's text so should be
> shared among processes.

Sorry, I don't understand your answer and why it is now (3.0.25) 
necessary to have a smbd with 474520 bytes more as in 3.0.24 without 
more functionality for my case.

Do you sometimes think about embedded systems or older hardware? They 
are low on memory (disc and ram).
How can I get rid of librpc (if librpc is really the thing which is 
blowing up smbd so much)?

der tom

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