Managing DNs in libads only in utf8

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Tue Feb 27 14:59:47 GMT 2007

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simo wrote:
> Hello technical people,
> after a report about a possible problem with how we manage DNs,
> I discovered we currently may have some problems in case "unix charset"
> is not set to UTF-8 and we are using security = ads. *
> The problem is that we always convert everything coming out of ldap to
> the local unix charset and then we convert** it back utf8 before using
> it (see ads_get_dn()).
> The problem in doing this is that we convert some DN this way:
> utf8 -> local -> utf8

Hey Simo,

I've tried to catch up on the thread and so will just reply all
in one mail.  I'll just hit the highlights.

* I agree with the problem (in theory).   Sounds right
  to me but I'm not looking at the code right now.

* Dealing with LDAP DNs as UTF-8 makes sense.  But the
  change should be limited to the ldap files.  Don't
  worry about the printer publishing stuff in nt_printing.c
  right now.  Just show me what is broken in practice
  (an example) and the minimal change to fix it.

* I'm willing to review a patch from a bzr tree
  but would prefer not see this go into the main svn
  until it was complete and agreed upon by all (if
  everyone did in fact agree).  Volker is right.  Splitting
  up reformatting, variable renames, and real code changes
  will help everyone out to review.

* I don't want to use an elephant gun to swat a fly.
  In other words, the amount of pain we suffer from
  the bug allows for a certain amount of currency to
  pay for the size of the change to fix it.

cheers, jerry
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