winbind_nss_aix.c: Cannot set process credentials

tridge at tridge at
Mon Feb 26 02:53:58 GMT 2007


 > I figured it out.  Was a combination of not advertising
 > the necessary user attributes and bad memory allocations.
 > I'll post a patch once I clean things up some more.

Glad you've found it! 

If you want to do more testing of it, you might find this useful:

I'm not sure if the method that is failing here is one of the ones
that uess_test.c tests (did you work out what method call is
failing?). Perhaps we need to expand uess_test.c to include a wider
range of tests?

If you suspect a memory problem, then this code;

could be useful. It demonstrates a memory leak in the uess system on
aix. I reported it to the AIX libc maintainers, but haven't heard if
its been fixed or not.

Cheers, Tridge

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