[SAMBA4][PATCH] Enable 'make wintest_dc'

Brad Henry j0j0 at riod.ca
Sat Feb 24 18:51:51 GMT 2007

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher wrote:

>> http://build.samba.org/?function=View+Build;host=bnhtest;tree=samba4;compiler=gcc
>> What sets of tests we want to run as a baseline? For the DC tests, I'm
>> just running the set of tests I found in test_w2k3.sh, many of which are
>> failing. I left them in because I expect that we want to pass them. :)
> yes, please let them there...
>> I've commented out the failing standalone tests, but they can be easily
>> re-enabled if that would be preferred.
> what are this tests?

I've attached the list of tests that fail against a standalone Windows 
2003 host, and the script which executes that set of tests. Some of 
them, like NET-API-LOOKUPPDC or RPC-JOIN, are obvious examples that I 
would expect to fail, but I can't say definitively about all of them.


NET-API-CREATEUSER on [ncalrpc|ncacn_np|ncacn_ip_tcp] with bigendian
NET-API-CREATEUSER on [ncalrpc|ncacn_np|ncacn_ip_tcp] with seal,padcheck
NET-API-DELETEUSER on [ncalrpc|ncacn_np|ncacn_ip_tcp] with bigendian
NET-API-DELETEUSER on [ncalrpc|ncacn_np|ncacn_ip_tcp] with seal,padcheck
NET-API-LOOKUPPDC on [ncacn_np|ncacn_ip_tcp] with bigendian
NET-API-LOOKUPPDC on [ncacn_np|ncacn_ip_tcp] with seal,padcheck




RPC-SCHANNEL on [ncalrpc|ncacn_np|ncacn_ip_tcp] with bigendian
RPC-SCHANNEL on [ncalrpc|ncacn_np|ncacn_ip_tcp] with seal,padcheck
RPC-JOIN on [ncalrpc|ncacn_np|ncacn_ip_tcp] with bigendian
RPC-JOIN on [ncalrpc|ncacn_np|ncacn_ip_tcp] with seal,padcheck
RPC-LSA on [ncalrpc|ncacn_np|ncacn_ip_tcp] with bigendian
RPC-LSA on [ncalrpc|ncacn_np|ncacn_ip_tcp] with seal,padcheck
RPC-DSSETUP on [ncalrpc|ncacn_ip_tcp] with bigendian
RPC-DSSETUP on [ncalrpc|ncacn_ip_tcp] with seal,padcheck
RPC-ALTERCONTEXT on [ncalrpc|ncacn_ip_tcp] with bigendian
RPC-ALTERCONTEXT on [ncalrpc|ncacn_ip_tcp] with seal,padcheck
RPC-MULTIBIND on [ncalrpc|ncacn_ip_tcp] with seal,padcheck
RPC-MULTIBIND on [ncalrpc|ncacn_ip_tcp] with bigendian
RPC-NETLOGON on [ncalrpc|ncacn_np|ncacn_ip_tcp] with seal,padcheck
RPC-NETLOGON on [ncalrpc|ncacn_np|ncacn_ip_tcp] with bigendian
RPC-SPOOLSS on ncacn_np with seal,padcheck
RPC-SPOOLSS on ncacn_np with bigendian

If you want me to enable any of them, let me know.


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