(possible) wrong UTF8 mangling in tdb / ldb

Alessandro Sappia a.sappia at ngi.it
Wed Feb 21 11:16:47 GMT 2007

hi all,
i think there is something odd in how ldb checks utf8 fields; I attached
a small patch
to show it to you.

$ export LDB_URL=tdbtest.ldb
$ ./bin/ldbadd /path/to/samba4/source/lib/ldb/tests/test.ldif

Assuming that the patch is applied
./bin/ldbsearch '(cn=*UTF*)'  gives you two results
./bin/ldbsearch '(cn=*àèìòù*) gives you just one
Assuming that cn field definition maybe case sensitive or case
insensitive, in any case the two searches must give the same number of
results. Against OpenLdap these searches gives both two results.

* the patch contains also a simple test against it.



Alessandro Sappia
GPG Keyserver: keyserver.linux.it

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