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tridge at wrote:

> You just offered it to me in your previous email. If 
> that's what it takes to fix this then I'll do it,
> although it is not my preferred course of action.

So much for the nuances of email.

> You are not the project leader for the Samba project. 
> You are the release manager, and while that is a damn

I don't want to be project leader.  I never have.
I only want to be able to do my job.  We both
believe that we are doing what's best.  And we are
not at odds with each other generally.  I wouldn't
presume to come in and try to tell you how to do
a SAMBA_4_0 TP release.  Why do you insist on trying
to exert authority of the Samba 3.0 releases when
they are generally going pretty well.

> difficult job it does not give you the right to
> disregard input from other team members, such as
> you just did for both Andrew and myself. 

There have been open discussions about ldb in the
past reaching back to Sept of last year.   I'm not
ignoring team members.  In fact, I'm acting on behalf
of other team members.  I'm sorry you don't understand

Volker agreed.  Jeremy agreed.  Simo agreed.  Metze has
even expressed comments about ldb in the shipping code.
You and Andrew disagreed.  I only made this decision
after being asked by other team members.   Counting myself
that's 5 to 2.  You act like I did this in a vacuum
and am just being stubborn.  I'm just the one taking the
heat.  If anyone is disregarding a majority of team
member opinions, it is you.

Can I be brutally honest ?  I don't trust you to maintain
ldb in the Samba 3.0 production releases.  You have the
best of intentions but you get side tracked.  And a feature
living in the SAMBA_3_0 code base is no the same as
being tested.

Jeremy, Volker, and I have have been left holding the bag
to many times in the past with regards to features.  So
perhaps we are over paranoid.  But you should be able
to understand and acknowledge that.  Unless we understand
and trust the code based on our own experience, it is very
difficult to have any confidence in the release.

You are acting like this is a personal vendetta of mine
against ldb.  It's not.  It's code triage to try to get
ready for release.  Why is this such a big deal?

Is it because you want to see ldb released?  Release it
as a standalone package right now then.  That would
actually gain more exposure than including in in Samba
3.0.25 ever would.

>> Nope.  It should stay here.  In the spirit 
>> of transparency of course.  Thanks.
> ok, if you insist we can have a parallel discussion 
> here. Meanwhile I have started a discussion
> on the team list. That list was created for
> just this sort of discussion, and that is where 
> the team processes should be decided.

Go ahead.  You are free to start threads on whatever list
you choose.

cheers, jerry

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