group_mapping.ldb and 3.0.25

tridge at tridge at
Wed Feb 21 04:22:33 GMT 2007


 > > then yes, I would be willing to consider changing
 > > release manager, and I could take it on if nobody
 > > else is willing to do it.
 > This is absolutely absurd.  It's not your decision.

You just offered it to me in your previous email. If that's what it
takes to fix this then I'll do it, although it is not my preferred
course of action.

You are not the project leader for the Samba project. You are the
release manager, and while that is a damn difficult job it does not
give you the right to disregard input from other team members, such as
you just did for both Andrew and myself. 

 > Nope.  It should stay here.  In the spirit of transparency
 > of course.  Thanks.

ok, if you insist we can have a parallel discussion here. Meanwhile I
have started a discussion on the team list. That list was created for
just this sort of discussion, and that is where the team processes
should be decided.

Cheers, Tridge

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