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Wed Feb 21 03:56:31 GMT 2007

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tridge at wrote:

> What I am asking for is a greater degree of transparency, 
> and the removal of the two-tier team system that has
> now evolved. I would prefer to keep you as release
> manager but increase transparency. If that is not possible

What transparency?  Do want to actually add up the
number of mails I sent to samba and samba-technical
versus what you send?  How are you measuring transparency?

Does anyone else on this list feel that there are under
the table agreements going on?

> then yes, I would be willing to consider changing
> release manager, and I could take it on if nobody
> else is willing to do it.

This is absolutely absurd.  It's not your decision.

> As this discussion has now moved away from 
> specific technical issues and has instead moved into a
> team management discussion, I propose that we move the
> discussion o the samba-team list. I'll raise it
> there and we can hopefully get some input from everyone 
> in the team on where things should go from here.

Nope.  It should stay here.  In the spirit of transparency
of course.  Thanks.

cheers, jerry
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