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> I'm certainly less than comfortable with this.  
> Tridge may have read too much into your comment, but
> it's a feeling that has been going around.
> Perhaps as a team, we need to squash some false 
> impressions?

There are no false impressions.  This is pretty much
how things work.  I think most people are pretty comfortable
with it.  All source code repositories have some type
of sign off process.  Both SAMBA_3_0 and SAMBA_4_0
included.  If I checked something into SAMBA_4_0
that either you or Tridge disagreed with, I can guarantee
it would get reverted.

> I thought we had that dealt with?  When did we go from 
> 'we are comfortable with this' to 'not comfortable'?

I think it was an illusion.  I was hopefully apprehensive
initially.  That is not the same as being comfortable
with it.

> Or was this a case of 'nobody who actually counted
> was ever comfortable with this'?

That's a snippy and unfair statement Andrew.   And I
think you know that.  When is the last time you fixed an
issue with "winbind use default domain"?  Or the
server_supplied_auth_info structures?  Or in the passdb
API?  All those things you helped to write and then left?

So please don't throw around snide comments like "nobody
who actually counted".  If you were maintaining major pieces
of code code in Samba 3.0 and I felt like I could trust you
to continue to do so, then it would be different.  As it is,
you have focused on other things going on in the SAMBA_4_0.
That is a perfectly valid decision which I respect and applaud.

No offense, but don't sit there and tell me about how to
do production releases.  You just don't have the experience
to draw from.

> I'm not expecting this release to change, but I do wonder 
> how that will happen...

It may not or it may.  That's like asking "When will Samba
4 be released?"  Perhaps Simo will write an ldbsam module
that everyone is comfortable with.  Who knows?    I can't
make that prediction.

cheers, jerry
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