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On Wed, 21 Feb 2007 07:30:03 +1100, Viswanathan, Karthik (GTI)  
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> Hi,
> We use the following products from Samba
> Magic Client 8.30..1
> Magic Sock 1.2.003
> We want to know if these are DST - Day Light Saving Time compliant or
> not.
> If not could you please give the patch information for the same by
> replying all to this email

I am just a user myself, but perhaps I can clarify anyway, as I'm certain  
that this is a legitimate question posed by a non-developer :)
1) The samba team does not write or use "Magic Client" or "Magic Sock".
2) Samba has very little to do with daylight saving time - that's a  
function of the Operating System.
3) If DST Compliance is important, check your OS, and consider a  
centralized time server for your corporation - this will ensure that time  
is kept in sync. THis is out of the scope of this email list.
4) You might be able to ask for patches against old versions of samba, but  
it is unreasonable to expect a patch against some random project that  
simply uses samba's code - perhaps with heavy modifications - you ask the  
maintainer for THAT company instead.
5) This is a developer's list.  Consider paying for a contractor or  
company if you want specialized work, or ask an in-house developer at your  
company to investigate.

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