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Herb Lewis hlewis at
Mon Feb 19 13:43:43 GMT 2007

Go ahead and back it out if you like. I don't
see the problem with leaving it in as the new
tests actually check for working conversions
being available as well and should catch any
problem cases unless I am missing something.

I'll just have it as a local patch.

Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
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> Herb,
>>It is only checked after the others fail. We are
>>running FreeBSD 4.6.2 and the version of biconv
>>we have seems to work fine (passes the config checks)
>>We definitely need it but I could see it being
>>useful to others with a working biconv.
> Timur is the FreeBSD maintainer and we went through
> a lot of pain to get rid of an unworkable iconv detection
> routines.  Timeur's position is that biconv is completely
> broken and not even work using (even as a last resort).
> FreeBSD 4.6 is so old I would rather not cater to it.
> No one has complained about the change since biconv
> was removed so I believe this is ok.
> My vote is for this change to be reverted to prevent future
> confusion on what actually works on FreeBSD.
> cheers, jerry
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