ib integrated into ctdb

tridge at samba.org tridge at samba.org
Mon Feb 19 04:14:57 GMT 2007


 > This is because you want to answer while the dest node's send channel is not 
 > yet up (we're still in ctdb_connect_wait).
 > I've made a fast symptomatic fix for this (see my Rev 69) just to make it 
 > work... Could you make it a full fix? (Or shall I provide an extra queue for 
 > this while connection is not available?) Thank you in advance.

I cope with this in the tcp backend by queueing the packet if the
connection is not up yet. If you look at ctdb_tcp_queue_pkt() 
then you'll see that the immediate send is skipped if fd == -1. The
packet is then queued with the DLIST_ADD_END() call.

This is the same code that copes with the outgoing socket being full,
which happens if you send too fast for the transport. 

Could you do something similar in the ib backend? I think you'll need
that queue anyway as you'll need to cope with a full transport queue.

Cheers, Tridge

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