SAMBA 4 TP4 - SWAT - Async(undefined) exception: Transport error 404: Not found

Mag. Leonhard Landrock 1977-Hamlet at
Thu Feb 15 20:29:33 GMT 2007

Hi everyone!

Once again I try playing with Samba 4 TP4.

Using Debian Etch and Iceweasel to connect to my Samba 4 Testmaschine I just 
receive "Async(undefined) exception: Transport error 404: Not found" when 
trying to use the "LDB Browser" Module.

I tried to add

            jsonrpc base = <path_to_your_source_tree>/services

to the smb.conf file, but the parameter isn't known anymore. (Compare:

What I really want is to add users. I thought SWAT is the right thing to do 

Now I have four questions:

1.) Is SWAT the right stuff to add users to Samba 4?
2.) I there any way to install SWAT manually?
3.) Would it make sense to get the latest SWAT sources from Subversion 
4.) Is there an easy way to find out what paramters smbd knows?

Kind regards,

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