3.0.24 with vista patches, printers, 'printer admin' and 'valid users'

Thomas Bork tombork at web.de
Mon Feb 12 02:19:53 GMT 2007

simo wrote:

>> User is 'Administrator' mapped to 'root'. The documentation says:
>> Note: The root user always has admin rights.
>> This is not true!
>> I can only connect to the printer, if 'root' is in 'valid users'.
> This is as expected, root always have admin right _IF_ you permit it to
> connect in first place.
> 'valid users' comes way before any right is considered.

Sorry, I would suspect to also have the *right to connect*, if I have 
admin rights.

Could you please add a note to the documentation of

admin users
printer admin
valid users

that it is necessary to allow the users in 'admin users' and 'printer 
admin' connecting to the shares *through 'valid users'* before they 
really have the right to do their administrative job?
Then nobody can stumble over this anymore...

Thank you.

der tom

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